Saturday, November 22, 2008

Five Star Rating Widget from Spotback

Spotback Rate Everything Widget

If you are curious to know about how your audience view and rate your blog or blog posts, then you can add spotback Rate Everything Widget ( Here is a post on ‘how to get the widget for your blogspot / wordpress blogs’. You might have seen such facilities in a few commercial services such as Amazon. Today the same rating facility is just few clicks away. How wonderful it is?

Rating tool lets your audience to rate your posts and there is instant feedback. There is a freedom to navigate your blog and identify the posts of interest.

Why You need this tool?

On Internet you may find humpty number of widgets on ‘five star’ rating. The Spotback Rating tool helps your audience discover your posts and add rating to them. No programming or coding knowledge required. It is a Childs play. You are able to install the widgets free of cost. You may find your rating and tagging history saved in your own personal profile and alerts you with statistics.

Spotback Widget code no: 35074
Just Register

To start with you have to register with spotback. After a cool login you may choose either ready-to-use-design from SpotBack widget gallery or you may use the editor to roll-your-own. You have freedom to add the desired element and to modify even CSS properties i.e. background images, font size and color, borders, labels, etc.

Step by step instruction:

1) Login using your User Id.
2) On spotback home page you will find a link ‘Get a Widget’ ( Now click the link.
3) You will find number of widget styles. Just choose the one you like. Later you may modify its font size and color, borders, labels, etc.
4) Once your selection is over you will get the code suitable for your blog categories i.e. blogspot classic, blogspot new and wordpress. Choose the right one for your template style.
5) There will be an ID number displayed along with the widget you have chosen. Just note the number.
6) You may both copy the code and integrate it using ‘edit html’ menu. If you are not comfortable there is an alternate method.
7) Alternatively go to your blog dashboard and reach the Template tab. Just click on ‘Page Elements’, then ‘Add a Page Element’.In the pop dialog box choose for ‘Html/JavaScript’. That screen will open an input form.
8) In the box labeled Title, just enter something or leave it blank.
Copy the following code from your notepad:

9) Just replace the id number with the words marked in bold italics.
10) Click on Save Changes.
11) If all went well, you are back at the Page Element screen and your new widget is sitting at the top of your sidebar. Just drag and reposition the widget just below your blog post (main bar). That is all.
12) Now View your blog. Test your rating widget. Make sure they are working properly. If there are any bad links, just go back to your Page Element screen and edit it.


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