Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to generate good market and traffic to your blog?

Market Your Blog
Good writing alone will not pay off. So Market Your Blog
We have noted that blogging is adjudged as "citizens' journalism" Popularity of your post will be governed by two important elements. The first element is that a powerful blog should have good blog content. But it is proved that good writing or content alone will not make your post powerful. The other element is that it should have effective and efficient marketing. This post will concentrate only on the second element.

Effective Methods
What do you mean by effective blog marketing? We have a huge list of effective methods. This posting will cover some of the most common methods.
1). Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO is mostly recommended by every one. Use powerful keywords. It is a vital process through which your blog will made more friendly to search engines. Popular search engines will take your blog to the target audience.
2). Social networking tools. You may bookmark your blog to popular sites like Digg and StumbleUpon. It is an extremely popular method to market your blog. As a result your blog will be most popular and successful.
3). Your Comments about other blogs. Make it a habit to visit other blogs and leave your comments about the blogs. This will give you a good exposure to other blogs. Simultaneouly you are indirectly inviting the authors of visited blogs and make them to comment your blogs. Thus you are adding significance to your blog.

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Contact Center in the Philippines said...

Bloggers should not forget that content writing should not be neglected as well. It'll drive more traffic to their site when people find their entries interesting and informative.