Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why I am interested in blogging?

My Inclination to Blogging

Why I am inclined in blogging? Why I am considering it really worthy? I see that blogs are increasing in popularity because more feasible, realistic and practical ways to use the Internet for compiling documents. The printed documents are decreasing in numbers and there is phenomenal increase in online publishing. Blogging is becoming a relatively new international phenomenon. I strongly consider blogging as one of the best option to have increased global outreach.. The distinct reason for proliferation of blogs is it's ease of use and maintenance.

I sincerely believe that spending some quality time in researching seriously about blogs and blogging is an excellent idea since I am interested in posting articles in blogs. I consider it wise to discuss blogging with others who have expertis in blogging.

What is Blog?

A blog (or Weblog) is a dedicated content management system designed to create, edit, publish and maintain blogs. People call this as virtual journal or an online diary. It comprises a series of interlinked webpages which are usually displayed from latest to oldest.. (reverse chronological order). It may include include digital photography, graphics, videos etc.text or URL links for other related websites.

Distinct Advantages of Blogs
What are some of the distinct advantages and common features you like in blogging? It is absolutely free to set up a blog in most of the blog sites. It may attract some minimal cost in some other blog sites and they provide a domain name. Some other blog iste may offer payment for articles posted. The payment terms may include agrrements to allow advertising. However most of the blogs does not generate income.
Most preferred common featute is comments from viewers. I can get appreciation or criticism immediately about my postings. If the content is informative I will have more visitors and this data will indicate my revenues and returns. Now most of the people are beginning to perceive its merit for its in-built archival storage value.

Why Should I Blog?
I sincerely believe that blogging is worthy past time or hobby. I see that almost every internet user is maintaining a blog and most people are addicted to blogging. I am comfortable whan I am able to pick up a subject and contribute articles and publish them in blog sites.

My contribution can be on any subject ranging from art to zen or zero to infinety. My blog could be considered as an internet log of my thoughts, feelings and opinions. It allows and encourages me to communicate my thoughts, opinions and values accurately and to maintain an desired academic standard. I have my own freedom to publish my articles wherever I like. I feel proud of sharing my blog postings with others.

I do get Money
I do get profit by advertisement revenues based on clicks and page impressions. I can instantly receive revenues for articles submitted on special requests or competitions.
So I am's a good thing.

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